About the Bay Ridge Food Co-op

We're an enthusiastic and -- let's not be shy here -- friendly group of people who have gathered together to help make the Bay Ridge Food Co-op a reality. We're not dogooders or the kind of neighbors who complain about your music being too loud -- we're just normal people from Bay Ridge and the surrounding area who'd like to be able to buy high quality wholesome food at low prices.

Since we first began talking about bringing a food co-op to Bay Ridge, we've put ourselves right at the heart of our community through our participation at countless meetings, parades and events. And since we started taking paying members, we've signed up hundreds of people as founding members of the Bay Ridge Food Co-op. In the meantime, we have a twice-monthly buying club distribution offering a wide variety of mostly local and organic vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, and some extras. We have ice cream made right here in Brooklyn!

Given that the Bay Ridge Food Co-op is owned and operated by its members, we share all the work that we need to do to get to the point where we open our doors. So much as nobody really likes meetings (apart from that weird guy from IT at work, but we all know what he's like), we've formed into various working groups (such as membership or distribution) to make sure that we move towards our goal as quickly as possible. And then we have a general meeting every month to discuss our progress. Occasionally we have pizza or beer, but don't tell anyone we are having fun too, OK?

More than anything, we'd like you to join us and become an active member of the group. Please do sign up today, and help the Bay Ridge Food Co-op move one member closer to becoming a reality.

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